Wearable Tech Checklist for Staying Safe in the Outdoors

If you’re looking forward to getting outside for the hiking season, safety precautions should be on your mind. Feeling safe while being outside, either by yourself or with family, starts with the gear you choose to bring. The right wearable technology is the key to a positive experience. Even if hiking is a hobby you’ve picked up during your retirement, you will still want to carry the proper equipment – just in case you’re covered if things do not go to plan. The below tech checklist is a non-extensive packing guide all hikers should consider before heading out to explore.

Fitness and GPS Tracker Smart Watch 

These days, watches can do a lot more than tell time. A quality hiking watch can help with every aspect of your hiking adventure. They can be, among many other functions, a GPS, a heart-rate monitor, and a weather radar all in one device. The best hiking watches have a strong battery life, are waterproof, and have all the features you need.   

While you might be used to a low-tech watch in your day-to-day life, we recommend scoping out a smart watch for hiking. This can be an important tool for tracking your location and helping ensure you don’t physically exhaust yourself. We should note: You might need to spend some time learning all the functions of the watch and getting used to a touch screen. But, after you’re all set up, you can better enjoy your time off with nature. 

Medical Alert Device

You should not let your age hold you back from hobbies like hiking. That said, keeping your health in mind as you prepare for your outing is important. A reliable medical alert device goes where you go and provides access to help with the push of a button. Active seniors should opt for a device that keeps them connected to assistance even when venturing out for a hike. 

Some alert devices even have GPS capabilities to make it easier for people to find you in case you need help. These devices should not hinder your ability to go hiking. Instead, they should make you feel more confident tackling the parks of Utah. 

Cell Phones  

Phones are another type of wearable tech that are great for capturing pictures of your hikes and staying in touch with family throughout the trip. Smartphones allow users to download a variety of useful hiking apps. Some allow users to keep track of their hikes and share locations with family or friends. A basic way to use your phone, though, is to tell someone your hiking plans so that someone knows where you are going.