Utah Hiking and Lakes

Learn about the amazing hiking trails and lakes in the Beehive State. Utah Hiking and Lakes can help you plan your next day trip, weekend getaway, or weeklong vacation itinerary. Our state’s natural beauty and outdoor landscapes are world-renowned. And for good reason. It’s hard to take it all in and to properly appreciate everything the state has to offer. A lot of outsiders think of Utah as just arches and desert with one big salt lake and a few mountains thrown in from the Rockies. And we do have all things, but there are so many wrinkles and nuance between the different regions.

The Wasatch Front is a little different than the Uinta Mountains which is a lot different than the plateaus and canyons of southern Utah. There are enormous, ancient forests. There’s rock hounding, and there are river adventures. There’s serious archaeological study and discovery. Even the starkness and the plains of the Great Salt Flats is known for racing and off-roading, as well as being an amazing backdrop and topography for the Sun Tunnels and sky gazing.


Why Utah Hiking and Lakes?

We’re not afraid to ask the existential questions. We don’t want to be a website that exists just to exist. We want to offer some kind of value as an informational resource primarily, but also as a kind of civic advocacy for the better management of Utah hiking and lakes. We’re first and foremost about helping people, long-time residents and out-of-town visitors alike, achieve the best experience possible with the state’s lakes and hiking trails. With that being said, we do believe the best experience possible is itself only possible so long as these lakes and trails can be safely visited and traversed.

Thus, we also do what we reasonably can to promote the future health of these unparalleled natural resources—from governmental programs that fight beetle infestation in the Uinta Mountains…..to the individual responsibility to use best practices to prevent forest fires…..from an honest debate about the future of river dams and water diversion…..to containing the threat and spread of invasive mussels.

Utah Hiking and Lakes is working to bring you as much basic information as well as timely updates about how to best visit, explore, summit, and preserve the state’s trails and lakes.