Uinta Mountains

The only substantial east-to-west running mountains in North America, the Uinta Mountains offer some amazing hiking opportunities. Mirror Lake is just one of the major hotspots for camping and nearby hiking in the Uinta Mountains. The Provo River Waterfalls is also easily accessible through Mirror Lake Scenic Byway, as is Bald Mountain hiking trail. There are dozens of trails along this highway, the highest paved road on the west side of Rocky Mountain Range. One great tandem activity with hiking is fishing in the Uinta Mountains.


There is, however, a limited window of time to enjoy the best the Uintas have to offer. And we mean this in more one way. First, due to the higher altitude 10,000-13,000 feet and some of the higher precipitation levels in the entire state, the area is only reliably accessible by car from July to Sept, maybe an extra couple weeks each way if you have chains. In an entirely different sense, though, time is of the essence. Much of high Uinta Mountain forest is being consumed by an infestation of the Mountain Pine Beetle, which is part of the western bark beetle infestation affecting most of the western Unites States forests. The best methods involve preventive treatment and regenerative efforts. Once a tree has been infested by beetles, it’s more susceptible to all sorts of future hazards, especially ants.