The Great Salt Lake

If the east side of the Wasatch Front is known for its mountain hiking and climbing, the west side is known for the Great Salt Lake—even if you have to drive north first to get to the best that the Great Salt Lake has to offer. Antelope Island offers its brand of Utah history, hiking, camping, photography and pioneer-focused experience. There are food stands available during popular times. If you can get past the shores of the lake away from the shallow waters and stench of rotting shrimp brine, you’ll find that the Great Salt Lake can be a unique to teach someone how to swim. In the high-salinity water content, you’ll actually float on top of the water.


Much like how the Uinta Mountains and Mirror Lake Highway are best from July through September when there’s reliable road access, there’s also a sweet spot to visit the Great Salt Lake. The timeframe here is February through April, when there are warm patches but not sustained warmer temperatures that signal the release of that year’s crop of biting gnats. As well as several weeks from November through early December, when the weather is still relatively warm. You can also look to snowshoe during the winter months when many people are off skiing in the mountains.