Angel’s Landing

Angel’s Landing is one of the most popular hikes found within Zion National Park in Utah. The hike is specifically located within Springdale, and most hikers choose to undergo the hike from February to October. Be prepared to see many other hikers on your journey, and take the time that you need to be successful.

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Angel’s Landing is a five-mile hike when considering the totality of going in and out. Section of the five miles is very steep and narrows, but you will begin at The Grotto Trailhead. The most difficult part of the hike is the last half mile.

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Angel’s Landing is rated as hard. It may be best for professional or experienced hikers rather than beginners or young children. It is important that you do not hike this trail when there are dangerous weather conditions due to the steep inclines and the difficult terrains.

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Try to park as close as possible to The Grotto Trailhead. The parking lot is small and does get very busy, so there may be a wait to get in. You do also have to pay a fee to get in, which is $35 per vehicle or $20 if you are walking.

What to Expect

This hike is full of inclines, bridges, and more for you to experience. You will cross the Virgin River and will receive a cool breeze from the water while on the first couple of miles. At the observation point at 1,500 feet, you can observe Zion Canyon and the many beautiful birds that fly through.